Resources for Cloud Marketing, Metrics and Management

Business models for cloud based products, marketing automation and analytics are in a state of constant revolutionary change.

So check in with us often for:

  • eBooks with step-by-step how-to’s
  • checklists and graders to help you assess where you are and what’s needed to succeed
  • Whitepapers that explore cloud business models and leadership marketing content
USe Customer Centric Metrics

How HubSpot Used Customer Oriented Metrics to Grow Their Business

See how HubSpot uses the customer-centric metrics: long-term-value, customer churn and customer acquisition costs to maintain their growth. 

Three key marketing lessons come from HubSpot’s solution to this problem.
Winning Digital Campaigns

Create Winning Digital Campaigns

What constitutes a great marketing campaign? This whitepaper walks you through the steps needed to consistently create winning campaigns and helps you implement them using existing marketing approaches. 

Most importantly, you’ll know how to make each of these components valuable, consistent and timely–all prerequisites for creating sustainable marketing that your prospects will love.
Sales and Marketing Alignment Checklist

Sales and Marketing Alignment Checklist

Improving communications and alignment between sales and marketing can have a dramatic impact on your business. 

To find out how your current alignment efforts stack up download our complimentary Sales and Marketing Alignment Checklist.
Buyer Persona Template

Buyer Persona Template

Create better, more targeted messaging, and have more productive dialogue with your prospects, by building more valuable buyer personas.  Use it as a guide to what is really important to know about how your buyers think and what drives their decision making.
Buyer's Journey Development

Buyer’s Journey Development Guide

Get Boston CMO’s complimentary Buyer’s Journey Development Guide. It includes definitions and tools to help you discover your target customers’ real buyer’s journey and to help you match your marketing content at each stage.

The Six Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Cares About

As marketers, we work tirelessly to move the needle on a sometimes laundry-list of metrics. But with studies that show 73% of executives don’t believe that marketing drives demand and revenue, we have to make sure that we can prove the ROI of our marketing efforts. 

Do you know which metrics actually matter to your boss? In this cheat sheet of metrics, we’ll share the six metrics that do.

Download our cheat sheet to show your boss the true value of your marketing.