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Create a winning content strategy in four steps


Boston CMO works with you to create a winning content strategy in four steps:

Marketing content strategy

 1. Develop a clear understanding of your Buyers’ Journey. The buyer’s journey is a framework that helps you determine your content strategy and align sales and marketing for effective customer development strategies.

    • Before a sale, every buyer goes through a journey from indifference (Do I need this?) to commitment (How can I buy this from you?).
    • The buyer’s journey can be simplified to a list of questions that require answers to satisfy each buyer.
    • The more you answer the buyer’s questions in a clear, memorable and credible way, the greater your success in marketing and selling.

2. Define your buyer’s journey and map your content to each stage of your buyers’ journey. This includes: blogs, eBooks and whitepapers, how to frameworks and demo offers.
3. Understand the personal needs of buyers to create highly individualized, emotionally compelling messaging and insights about the positive impact your product or service has on your customers’ business. We call these “commercial insights.” Craft compelling, indispensable messaging focused on both rational and emotional differentiation. 
4. Create campaigns that both help sell your product and help your new customers to deliver rapid value through the use of your product in their business. 

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