Creating a Sustainable Cloud Business

Get your team over the hurdles

While cloud-based products have many attractive attributes for buyers, companies with both an on-premise and cloud offering find that their cloud business disrupts their existing business model.

Companies transitioning their physical products to the Cloud need to correspondingly change their business model, and not simply the delivery of those products or services. While this is a company-wide problem, much of the solution involves marketing and the relationship between marketing and sales, marketing and finance, and marketing and IT. As a result, the CMO or Marketing VP is often the best person to lead this change. By establishing yourself in this role, you position yourself as a valuable member of the corporate leadership team.

At Boston CMO, we help you establish the right marketing program and metrics to get your cloud business flying right. We’ll also help you think through and develop the necessary strategies to succeed in your transition from on-premise product line, to cloud business. Finally, we have the experience and expertise with the other functions needed to make this change succeed that we can help you establish marketing as the function leading this essential change.

Marketing Analysis – We work with you to evaluate the following marketing strategies, metrics and processes necessary to achieve your company’s objectives.

  • Customer Experience: Do you have a clear vision of the desired customer experience and an understanding of the key touch points to deliver that experience?
  • Marketing Strategy: Do your value proposition, segmentation and personas align with your targeted cloud business?
  • Metrics: Are you tracking the things that determine success in the new business, such as customer acquisition cost, lifetime value, and customer churn rate?
  • Buying Process and Content Strategy:  Do you have a clear understanding of the business buyer’s journey and a content strategy that helps the buyer move through to closing the sale and implementing your product or service?
  • Spanning the Silos: Do you have effective processes that span the silos within marketing, and between marketing, IT and sales to deliver the desired customer experience?

Vision and Strategy: Having conducted an assessment of your marketing organization and identified areas for improvement, we facilitate the creation of a detailed vision for your cloud business and formulate a strategy for how to achieve it, including:

Future Vision
Gaps with the Current Reality
Strategy for Closing Gaps
Strategic Initiatives
Time Sequenced Migration Path

Corporate Leadership: Once you have a plan in place for marketing, we support you and the corporate team to develop a plan and manage the change initiatives to realize your company as a sustainable cloud business. 

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