Marketing Strategies to Drive Growth

Increase Your Prospect's Urgency and Your Value

Boston CMO works with you on three interlocking components of the customer strategy: segmentation, buyer personas, and value proposition. Taken together these help you develop messages that identify your prospects pain points, increase their sense of urgency to solve the problems your product addresses, and see the added value your product or service provides.

Increasing your prospect’s perceived pain, sense of urgency and perception of your product’s value is one of the best ways to maintain pricing and shorten the sales cycle, thus reducing your customer acquisition costs.

Segmentation: The single biggest determinant of your overall business growth is the proper selection of market segments; i.e., the best fitting, fastest growing segments where your value proposition and your product or service differentiation are greatest. To optimize fit, we review your segment choice in conjunction with the results of both our buyer persona and value proposition workshops. We work with you to target segments that effectively spur your pipeline momentum and subsequent business growth. And if you have both cloud-based and on-premise offerings, we work with you to identify segments for your cloud products that conflict as little as possible with your on-premise products.

Buyer Persona: The buyer persona is a composite picture of your customers/prospects which enables you to create messaging tailored specifically for them. A persona encapsulates the goals, stresses, values, emotions, and behavior patterns that you, your sales team, and your customers have observed. We focus on understanding the personal needs of buyers to create highly individualized, emotionally compelling messaging and insights about the positive impact your product or service has on your customers’ business. We call these “commercial insights.”

Creating accurate buyer personas is critical to driving content creation, product development, sales, and other key activities that relate to customer acquisition and retention. Our buyer persona workshop quickly develops working personas that can be used to guide your joint marketing and sales process, web design, and content strategy.

Value Proposition: We work with you through our value proposition workshops to optimize a strong and differentiated value proposition, starting with the chosen target segments and the buyer personas you have created. We continue building the value proposition by focusing on your competitive strengths and developing distinctive impact messaging. The result is clear positioning that highlights your differentiation and creates competitive advantage.

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