Marketing Generated Leads

Get high quality leads for sales to follow and close

With business buyers doing most of their buying on line, marketing departments are being asked to develop a stream of high quality leads for sales to follow and close.

Problem: The CEO of an IT services marketing company needed to establish a strong lead stream from visitors to their website. They had contacts and leadership content, but hadn’t structured the website to nurture the leads or score them to identify when they would be ready for sales follow-up.

Action: We started by developing a buyer persona and buyer’s journey. Then we used a combination of their existing content and new content that we developed to create and implement an impressive content strategy. Having developed the content strategy, we implemented HubSpot, a marketing automation system. We captured the contact information of the people who came to their website, and nurtured these leads until they were qualified to be turned over to sales. Even though we established lead-scoring criteria with the sales team, we initially overwhelmed them with too many leads. As a result, we started meeting with sales to identify how many and which leads they could handle in each month. The ones they couldn’t follow up were put back in the nurture pool until sales was ready for more.

Results: During the first year of operation, we established a strong lead stream from a website that had previously not delivered any leads. At the end of the year, 10% of their new sales were from marketing-generated leads.