Marketing to the Business Buyer

Helping Sales re-frame the conversation

A recent IDC survey found that functional and line of business (LoB) buyers fund 61% of all technology spending and exert 48% of the influence over the technology buying process.  When decision making moves from IT to LoB or functional buyers, sales often finds itself hard-pressed to engage with decision makers and close deals. The technology/product pitches that interested IT have little value to LoB and functional buyers.

Problem: Slowing growth for a $1B vendor of computer networking equipment. Although the company had strong value propositions for the business buyers, sales were accustomed to selling into the IT department and not comfortable discussing the business value of their product with a new audience. The client saw significant growth opportunities if sales could sell networking solutions to other departments within their existing customers.

Action: Boston CMO developed marketing content and sales guides explaining the business impact of the client’s products and solutions for the relevant lines of business and functions. We also provided sales training and scripts to help sales with business discussions. Finally, we provided direct support by participating in sales meetings with customers to deliver business insights and help guide the conversations.

Results: Our client went from doing business with only a small percentage of target businesses to 30% penetration. They also increased their average sale by 40%.