Targeting the Right Customer

Speaking to decision makers about what matters most to them

The CEO of a medical equipment supplier for small hospitals and clinics wanted to improve the impact their website had on their sales process.

Problem: As part of our persona development process, we found that they were speaking to doctors, when the decision makers were nurse administrators. In addition, our client’s value proposition focused on price. When we spoke with their customers, we learned that clinic profitability depended more on having the equipment ready whenever there was a patient appointment. Our client was already offering a specification service as part of their sales process. This ensured that they bought enough equipment and supplies to support the doctors, without having extra equipment sitting idle.

Action: We helped them refocus their approach to speak to the nurse administrator, and we changed their value proposition from having a lower price to being a partner with their customers throughout the life of the equipment.

Result: Now their problem is less getting market traction and more increasing their supply of equipment to sell.